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Estate Planning For Everyone

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  • A Probate Court ultimately decides who receives your assets, a valid Last Will & Testament will be a guide, but may be challenged.

  • Your private matters are public record

  • Family members must wait months before receiving assets

  • Average Probate can take 12 months

  • Multiple probates if assets in 2+ states

  • Thousands of dollars in costs and fees (up to 10% of estate value is not uncommon.)


  • We offer the only technology based estate plan software designed by estate planning attorneys with decades of experience helping thousands of clients nationwide. 

  • This revolutionary online system is user-friendly with immediate, 24/7 access with an active account, which allows you to build what you want and keeps you in control at all times. 

  • All communicated data is encrypted in transit and at rest with sensitive data encryption.   

  • There is a one-time cost for you to own the software, and achieve "peace of mind." 

  • Contact me for a free 7 day trial today!!

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